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Analytical laboratory

Our fully-equipped analytical laboratory contains the following:
  • Six High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machines in a separate, temperature-controlled room.
  • 2 Gas Chromatography (GC) machines
  • Infrared (IR) machine
  • Ultra-violet (UV) spectrophotometer
  • Atomic adsorption machine
  • Two dissolution apparatuses
  • Numerous ovens
  • Numerous analytical balances
  • Karl Fisher apparatus
  • Three stability chambers with temperature and humidity controls
  • Deionized water generator
  • Three fume hoods
  • Sample storage room
  • Supplies storage room
  • Numerous refrigeration units
  • Gas cylinders room with concealed copper piping to all analytical machines (i.e. HPLC’s)
  • All necessary glass-ware
The lab has recently undergone an assessment (by outside security consultants) on the requirements needed to store and analyze cannabis/CBD related raw materials and finished products.  This report systematically outlines the security systems that would be needed in order to be authorized by Health Canada to conduct such analyses.