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At Delta Pharma Inc., the quality control and development laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, in order to stay up to date with the major pharmacopoeias (USP, EP/BP). Analyses such as HPLC and ion chromatography active ingredient assays, impurities and degradation product assays, infrared identification, densities and refractive index, limit tests, pH, viscosity as well as titrations are some of the tests performed by a team of chemical analysis experts.

The laboratory has the expertise and knowledge to perform analyses of finished products, raw materials, packaging material for pharmaceuticals, natural products, as well as cosmetics according to current GMP/GLP standards, providing accurate results while respecting fast turnaround times.

The highly qualified team is also able to develop and validate new precise and accurate analytical methods in order to produce the analysis of new or existing products.


The laboratory’s mission is to support the various customers of Delta Pharma inc. and to collaborate with them to offer an analysis service as quickly as possible, whether for quality control analyses or for the development of new analytical methods.

The facilities comply with BPF and CNESST standards.